Breo Foot Massager Shiatsu therapy with Air compression

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Breo Foot Massager Shiatsu therapy with Air compression

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Foot massage generally stimulates the reflex zones on the bottom of the foot to help treat diseases. There are more than 60 acupuncture points on the feet, and regular massage of these points can promote the smooth flow of Qi and blood, balance Yin and Yang, expand blood vessels, and warm the internal organs. Specific stimulation of the reflex zones in various parts of the body can smooth blood circulation, eliminate metabolic waste and toxins accumulated in the body, accelerate the body's metabolism and improve local microcirculation. Regular foot massage also has an obvious anti-ageing effect, keeping one young and accelerating the metabolic activities in the body.

What is air compression massage and shiatsu therapy?

Air compression massage: Air compression massage can help long-term bedridden patients to recover as soon as possible, can promote blood circulation, prevent blood clots, can also relieve muscle stiffness, can accelerate the blood circulation of both lower limbs. It can be said to be very practical and can also be very good to prevent many diseases massage method.

Shiatsu therapy: Shiatsu therapy originated from the Chinese acupuncture point therapy, which has been passed down for thousands of years. It uses finger pressure to rub acupuncture points and unblock meridians to relieve fatigue and relieve pain. Western medical research has confirmed that stimulating acupuncture points can promote the secretion of endorphins in the body, which is a naturally occurring sedative that can be very calming and tension-relieving.

Like a professional foot massage

Three options of air compression intensity integrated with various massage modes and enabled with deep rolling kneading, strapping and tapping massage techniques, the contacting points on each massage head penetrate on your foot aligned with two intelligent airbags to stimulate muscle recovery and relief. Fingertip deep rolling kneading, arch kneading & strapping, instep air compression, heel tapping, and optional soothing heat function with constant node pressure soothes foot by targeting contact points.


Heat Function

Features with an optional heating function (40~45℃), the temperature will gradually increase from 40 to 50 ℃ in 3-5 minutes.

Relief for a busy day

Customize different foot massage combinations among 3 intensity levels & 3 massage modes to find one setting which helps reduce fatiguing muscles, relieve foot tiredness, and enhance blood circulation and offer pure and thorough relaxation after a long day effectively.

Easy to clean

With the removable and washable foot sleeves, the electric foot massager is easy to keep clean—no need to worry about any smell on it.

Fits most people

With its enlarged foot rooms, iFoot can accommodate most foot sizes up to men’s size 12.

    • breo Foot Massager*1
    • replaceable liners*2


    • adapter*1
    • user's manual*1
    • breo Foot Massager
    • INPUT
    • 12V?
    • L418 x W359 x H230 (mm)
    • MODEL
    • Foot Massager
    • 3.5KG


    • adaptor / replaceable liners
    • 30W
    • 2.5A
    • 15 min
  • HOW TO USE Foot Massager