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  • pink.lem

    They’re just soo relaxing! ?? This year we got Scalp 2 Massagers and we’re obsessed! ?? They not only promote hair growth and relieve stress but also can be used on body to help with soreness and muscle pain. ??


  • veronika_havlik

    Thank you breo for this amazing iNeck3Pro product to Relax my neck before long flight for Big Adventure #SURVIVOR ????????


  • vivian91rocks

    S H A T S U M A S S A G E ?????♀? But how many times at the end of the day have we found ourselves with a sore neck and back? ?? I'm sorry to admit it, but after the #enta I have to say that it happens very often ?? but I want to let you know what made me turn my day: Ineck2 by breo??????


  • kanade_shinohara

    breo electric head brush "scalp mini" ? .. Here, while shampooing Removes dirt from hair roots It is an electric head brush ? Not just the head It can also be used for the whole body ?? Nyan is also put on the paws ?? I have a face called Nyandayo ??


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